A woman feeding birds in a city neighborhood, lives interrupted by the specter of cancer, and a hospital window. An unlikely beginning for an art project.

It began with our arrival in the hospital room; looking out the window we saw the sky filled with white wings of circling gulls - a welcome distraction. Throughout the following week we watched from the window each afternoon as a woman fed city birds. Her daily ritual sustained us, a reminder that beyond hospital walls life goes on. One day, to remember her, I stood at the window snapping pictures.

This two minute slideshow introduces Lavina.

Looking at the pictures again and again, I attributed meaning to each: a beginning almost imperceptible, vulnerability and determination, obstacles and perseverance, and finally completion with the possibility of new beginnings - a reassuring meditation. Each of the forty images is represented by a unique calligraphic symbol.

To see the 1977 newspaper article that launched this project, click here.
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Forty Glyphs - the story of Lavina's Gift on five lines.

Forty Glyphs - the story of Lavina's Gift on five lines.