I've always used my camera like a notepad, spontaneously recording moments. My fascination is discovering details the camera captures and transforming them into something new.

The earliest example is a poignant image, Sleeping Man, 1976. The faint shape of a man, sleeping on a bench below sidewalk level was nearly invisible, transparent on a 35mm film negative. I created a paper negative to reveal the image.

A few months later I took the photographs that became Lavina's Gift. They launched me into years of exploring alternative photographic processes in my darkroom.

After 2000, when I no longer had a darkroom, a friend gave me a hand-me-down Mac, my first Apple computer. The wonder of digital technology has opened possibilities I could only imagine before; my computer replaced my darkroom. 

In recent years I've been exploring themes of natural processes and cycles, time and relationships. I hand print composite images on archival paper with pigmented ink.

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